Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some guidelines for you to know before reading our FAQ document:

  1. We highly value humanity, personal integrity, gratitude, social connection, and intellectual joy.

  2. Respect and help each other! Please be patient and be kind to your course staff and other students.

  3. Coding Together does not condone bullying or harassment and will take steps to address instances that occur and prevent further instances. Students can report misconduct using this form. Note: we reserve the right to dismiss participants for improper conduct.

  4. Please don’t post your solution code in public! We want every student to get a chance to discover their own solution. If you need specific support, you can ask your Section Leaders for help and share in Piazza privately to Section Leaders.

  5. We have five categories for questions. You may find your questions and answers in the document. If you don’t find the answers to your questions, please fill in this form. (Please read our principles in the form first. Thanks!)

Our FAQ document is divided into five categories. Click the category you think your question falls under to find our answers. If you don't find an answer to your question, submit it using the form above. We will continue to update this document as new questions come up!


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