Who is behind Coding Together?

Since starting in June 2020, the Coding Together community has grown to include over 250 students. As a volunteer-run group, we could not have supported these students without the help of our amazing volunteers. Our team consisted of 15 Leadership Team Members and 35 Section Leaders. Below you will find names and videos of some of the volunteers.


Robert Nowell


Robert is a software engineer and student at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, and he's passionate about empowering anyone in the world to transform their lives by learning to code.


Meet Our Section Leaders

Siddhant Tiwary

Ricky Parada

Sameer Kumar

Lisa Muli

Bhaskar Gupta

Kushagra Gupta

Prabhsimar Taneja

Madiha Kanwal

Nihal Uppugunduri

Vedang Gaonkar

Samaksh Sethi

Michael Hu

Reena Yuan

Yaroslav Makovskiy

Anton Tretiakov

Marc Mascarenhas

Vimal Mollyn

Saksham Gupta

Abhishek Mittal

Rajdeep Singh

Usama Ahsan

Akshay Desai

Shashwati Shradha


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